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Video Premiere: laedj. -
Heard from Space (Live 360º)
Words and interview by James Lynch
Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Since the release of a couple of singles early this year, Melbourne alternative-rockers Laedj have been quietly working away in the studio on their debut release. With a single launch scheduled for the end of the month new music is near, but to tie us over until it drops, Laedj have given Trouble Juice a little in-between treat.

The Laedj crew headed to Footscray’s Inventions Studios to shoot a live clip for a new track called ‘Heard From Space’. However, in line with their spacey sounds and out-of-this-world effects, it would be too easy to simply film it straight. Instead, the boys surrounded a 360º camera to smash out their new track, and what results is a slightly disorientating, yet completely alluring clip. We caught up with the band to chat about the project.
Who and/or what is Laedj?

Laedj is made up of Simon Delmastro, Liam Jemmeson, Nathan Winn and Mathias Dowle. It started out as a solo recording project for Mathias, but has evolved into a more collaborative band project. Originally with a slightly different line up and sound, we settled on this line up about a year ago.

Although you’ve got some new music on the way, your latest undertaking has been a 360 degree live video of the band - talk us through this project.

Liam and Mathias also work together as the camera ops as part of Docklands Live, a live band video project here in Melbourne. We wanted to do our own, but as we couldn’t perform and film at the same time, we thought a 360 video would be a way to we could perform without hiring other camera ops. We also thought it would be a fun bit of new technology to try out.

You guys describe yourself as space rock, which seems pretty suitable considering using this kind of technology with the music. What’s space rock all about?

Space rock is really just the only name for a genre we could settle on that is vague enough to be open to interpretation and defined enough to be somewhere in the ballpark. Essentially we’re a rock band, that will also use synthesisers and a whole bunch of pedals. Mathias is ADD and seems to be genre hopping all the time, so space rock just seemed to fit and banner everything into one.

What’s coming up next for Laedj?

We’re just about to drop our third single, Laser Eyes, which is on the lead up to our debut release which will be out early next year. It's a combination of material written by Mathias solely, the original line up and this current version of the band. Somehow it all ties together and should be a pretty good summary of the band.

Check out the 360º clip above, and head to Laedj's single launch show on Saturday November 25th at Ding Dong.