Track by Track:
Mess Esque – Dream #12

The debut release from Mess Esque – the collaborative project between Dirty Three’s Mick Turner and Helen Franzmann who makes music as McKisko – is a surreptitious journey through the hardships of being human. We asked Helen Franzmann to give us some hints on how they came to be.

Track by Track:
Genuine Fake –
Metamorphosis / Out of Luck

Out now through Stargazed Records, Metamorphosis / Out of Luck amalgamates Genuine Fake’s first two EPs into a surrealist new-wave pop adventure. Ahead of their launch tomorrow as part of the label’s Stargazed Festival, we had Thomas Forward, the mastermind behind Genuine Fake, talk us through the album one track at a time.

Track by Track:
Todd Briefly – Demos

Equal parts raw and brashly optimistic, London based punker Tom Brierly has emerged with a new collection of hard nosed garage-rock hits – adapting his new found moniker of Todd Briefly, Demos compiles the best of Brierly’s lively and jagged pop-smarts. Unravelling the pointed humour behind his work, we had Tom talk us through the wider themes surrounding Demos.

Turn My Dial
A chat with Tangled Shoelaces

Today Chapter Music have shared Turn My Dial: The M Squared Recordings and more, a collection of captivating and radiant new-wave pop from “Australia’s youngest recording and composing band”, Tangled Shoelaces. We were lucky enough to have a chat with Stephen and Martin Mackerras to look back on Tangled Shoelaces and the incredible recordings they left behind.

They Made Me Do It
Talking Influences with PEEL

After the success of their immersive debut single ‘Memory Loop’ and its tripped-out video clip, PEEL are back with ‘DYNA’, another dose of their explosive psych-fuzz paired with even more otherworldly visuals. We caught up with the band to delve into the influences that inspired the track.