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Bedtime Stories -
Words by Shelby De Fazio
Wednesday 11th July, 2018

You might recognise Tom Muntisov as the name behind experimental and nostalgic basketball art and design muntyhoops. is Tom's new corner of the web that gives us a peek at his plethora of playful illustrations. While this purely illustrative platform is set apart from his more rigid graphic design work, his characteristically nostalgic style sets a strong undertone throughout in a new and refreshing way. Tom explains how a lot of his ideas come from cartoons, toys or places he liked as a kid, which means there are always underlying references in his work, whether placed deliberately or subconsciously. With no set rules for, it’s super exciting to see where it’s headed.
Shark Hands
Tell us a story about this image.

Shark hands was an accidental sketch of some sharks I drew over the top of some other doodles from an old sketch book. I didn’t really think much of it at the time but I went back later and thought it could be a good idea to flesh it out. I was also watching the tv show street sharks on youtube so maybe that was an influence.

Ever been scuba diving?

I’ve never been scuba diving but I went snorkelling once. Actually when I was a kid I was on the show Getaway and I think there was a shot of me at the beach where we did snorkelling.

I Lost My Voice
Tell us a story for this one.

This is the album artwork for my friend Andy who released a covers album the week he got sick after Golden Plains. His voice was real croaky hence the name. Andy is a legend and since he was ill I thought a star with a crack in it made heaps of sense. I think you can buy the album on Bandcamp as a digital copy or it might even be free.

Have you ever met a star/someone you really admire and been lost for words?

Once I was in NYC and I walked by a basketball court where they were playing a charity game. Suddenly a limo pulled up and Kevin Durant stepped out. That was hectic.

Zone Western
What about a story for this one?

Zone Western is a world that comes up from time to time in my work. It’s some kind of weird mix of sci-fi/western/noir. This one in particular is about a character called ‘enemy’. You’ll have to stay tuned and wait for more Zone Western to see how the world and story unfolds.

Got a favourite country and western film?

I haven’t seen it in ages but I remember really liking The Proposition. I still listen to the soundtrack by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

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