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Video Premiere:
walt - anon. #11
Words by James Lynch
Friday 27th November, 2020
Today we have the pleasure of premiering the new single and clip from Melbourne dream-folk enigma walt - ‘anon. #11’ is an enthralling psychedelic excursion, and its accompanying clip brings an added layer of warped poignancy to the track’s evocative sounds.
Despite the project finding life five years ago as a noise-rock band, walt is the pseudonym of a mysterious local music-maker who specialises in their own brand of meandering psychedelia, blurred at the edges with hints of eerie freak-folk and warming 60’s pop. Their forthcoming debut album i love you on the internet is set to drop later this year with a few teasers already shared - the ethereal and sparse ‘i’m here now’, followed by the hypnotic ‘lightfoot’ - but on ‘anon. #11’, we’re fully immersed in the project’s scope with a stretched-out voyage into walt’s surreal universe.

After the track is introduced with some distant whispers that set the scene for what’s to come, ‘anon. #11’ blossoms open with a rich tapestry of chiming guitars and gleaming keys, while a leisurely backbeat anchors the track into a sedated groove. The soundscape is simultaneously lush and understated - the waves of serene instrumentation lulling us into a glorious haze, while walt’s vocals are subdued and considered, enabling the track to expand around his weary delivery. A slow and constant evolution, it’s striking that ‘anon. #11’ is given so much room to stretch out, the soundscape growing progressively more evocative with every new melodic idea that emerges to tangle and refract what’s come before. So much so that by its conclusion - near eleven minutes later - the emotional weight of ‘anon. #11’ feels completely reimagined, yet crashes over us with a prolonged sense of heaviness as the the instrumental fades away.

To accompany the track is a beautiful clip created by Guy Tyzack. Mirroring the track’s drawn-out musicality, we’re shown a masked figure wandering through a series of composed landscapes, seeming purposeful and aimless at once. Doused in the fuzzy haze of a super 8 camera, the clip seems to sprawl in the same mesmerising way as the track - never quite revealing its full intentions yet holding us engaged for the journey as it continually unravels.

i love you on the internet is set to drop later this year.