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Video Premiere:
Stephen Bailey - The Wind
Words by James Lynch
Tuesday 18th October, 2022

One month out from the release of his latest solo album G. G. Ryder, Perth songwriter Stephen Bailey has today shared ‘The Wind’, a colourful psychedelic-folk tune with a new clip that matches perfectly with its namesake.
Following the psych-pop escapades of his earlier albums, the latest music to come from Perth multi-instrumentalist Stephen Bailey has found the songwriter pushing into more classic folk and country atmospheres. His forthcoming fourth album G. G. Ryder is the result of a period of strictly listening to 60’s and 70’s folk and blues, and as such, the album’s debut single ‘The Holder’ was a mild-mannered dose of sunshine-pop, built around layers of warm acoustic guitar, glistening keys and Bailey’s silky voice.

A month on, we’ve been treated to another teaser of the record, which is set to drop on November 25th via Third Eye Stimuli. ‘The Wind’ finds Bailey blending his psychedelic tendencies into the folksy tapestry of the record, with a lilting guitar jangle tangling with ramshackle slide and serene flute. An appropriate introduction to G. G. Ryder, ‘The Wind’ expands opens effortlessly to welcome us into the kaleidoscopic world of the new album.

Speaking about the track, Bailey shares “it’s about camping, waking to the sound of birds and the smell of embers.” The new clip - co-directed and shot by Thomas Cahill, and featuring an array of odd flora and fauna, courtesy of wildlife videographer James McMulkin - matches these themes perfectly, as Bailey explains, “We got in a car and drove north for two hours stopping and setting up whenever we found nice looking spots. The weather was crazy that day so it was a lot of stopping, rushing to get everything out and getting the take before it rained - you can’t tell in the clip as we only shot when the sun was out. At the time, I didn’t see it but because it was so windy the weather was actually very fitting for the track. Making this with Tom was just a really fun day out.”

G. G. Ryder is out on November 25th through Third Eye Stimuli Records - head to to grab the album on limited edition vinyl.