Car Tales
with Delivery
Words by Sam Harding
Friday 4th November, 2022

In celebration of the band's new single 'Lifetimer', Delivery's Sam Harding has talked us through the highs and lows of driving a 2001 AU Ford Falcon, many of which went on to inspire the automobile-themed garage-rock racer (like a car).
Falcon Stories:

My car has no name really, but it is known to many as “The Falcon” (said affectionately). It had a brief stint as “Bruce”, but that reminded me of Springsteen, and that makes me want to vomit.

Here are some fond memories I’ve had with The Falcon. May it keep on keepin on.

Coffee breaks with the chariot

In Echuca, when some kids on schoolies walked past the car and said something that none of Delivery understood… but it felt like a dig at the car. Also had some teenagers stick their heads out the window on the Calder Fwy and yell something about the car. Again, I didn’t know if it was a positive or negative. Kind of sounded like a war cry before we all drove off from the red light onto the freeway.

Driving through Otways on Great Ocean Rd when Emma saw my hubcap fly off and skid into the bushes on a corner. Found a spot to pull over thinking that it was gone, but I saw Emma run around the corner in the rearview mirror, holding the piece of plastic in pure triumph.

Sleeping in the car at Parker’s Hill campground. I put the back seats down and put my head in the gap between the front seats, using the centre console as a pillow, while my feet ended up somewhere in the boot of the car. It was a beautiful sleep.

The moment you see anyone else on the road driving a 2001 AU Falcon (especially in Organza Gold) and pointing straight at them. It’s like unexpectedly seeing a friend in another city or something. You’re just filled with shock and excitement.

Finally, the many times I’ve been driving in the car with Morris and the thing will overheat. It doesn’t happen so much anymore, but it used to be a regular occurrence. We drove into a pothole at the Flinders Beach carpark, and I’m fairly sure the radiator cracked, but I’m not very good with car parts so I’m not even sure if a radiator… can… crack?

Ride on, mate

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Header photo by James Morris