Track by Track:
Aunty Blue - Don't Let Me Down
Words by Fred Carlyle
Friday 11th November, 2022
Alongside the release of their debut EP today, we caught up with Melbourne/Naarm indie-folk act Aunty Blue to delve into the introspective stories behind the tracks of Don't Let Me Down.
Since the release of their debut single in June, dreamy indie-folk act Aunty Blue have hit the ground running, releasing their second single back in September and now wrapping up 2022 with the release of their debut EP Don’t Let Me Down. Delving into themes of anxiety, remorse and the incertitudes of being a young adult, Don’t Let Me Down perfectly showcases Aunty Blue’s ability to pair nostalgic and vulnerable songwriting with groovy, dance-inducing rhythms and mesmerising instrumentals.

Opening up with their latest single, ‘Always Say The Wrong Thing’ instantly sets an intimate and emotive tone for the EP as the evocative prowess of lead singer Kimberly Atkinson’s tender songwriting and heartrendingly raw vocals are accentuated by the delicate backdrop of a softly strummed guitar. As we move to ‘Good Guy’, there is an energetic shift in the EP’s tone as vigorous vocals flicker with ferocity over surging bursts of punchy drums and tasteful guitar riffs. The lively energy is maintained on ‘Take It Easy’ as Kimberly’s voice strides with infectious confidence amongst whirls of rocky riffs that will have your foot tapping instinctively.

As we turn over to ‘Turning’, a gentle atmosphere embraces us as harmonised vocals glide across a mellow soundscape that gradually expands as the track progresses, creating a sensational experience that’s both subtle and expansive. As the EP rounds out with Aunty Blue’s debut single ‘Dylan’, the delivery of nostalgic and introspective songwriting accompanied by soft yet fervent instrumentals concludes Don’t Let Me Down by stirring an equally soothing and soul stirring feeling within us.

To help us delve into the EP further, Aunty Blue have guided us through Don’t Let Me Down track by track.
Always Say The Wrong Thing

We wanted to begin by really easing the listener into the EP. It starts off intimate and slow but then really hits hard towards the end of the song which sets the tone for the rest of the EP. 'ASTWT' was recorded live, as were most of these songs, I think it’s what we prefer at the moment. It means that all of that energy and emotion is captured. And that’s what’s important, especially for this song.

Good Guy

'Good Guy' is a very personal song for me (Kim). It delves into realising that your relationships with your parents and the way that they taught you to love has impacted the way that, you in turn, love. It’s a strange thing when you realise you’re projecting the issues that your parents had onto the relationship that you’re in.

Take It Easy

This is a bit of a coming of age track, to a really fun, rocky riff. We love playing this one live. It’s ultimately about dealing with those anxieties around wanting to know all the answers, and coming to the realisation that no one does. It’s sort of humbling when you come to terms with the fact that the same existential questions you are pondering on, have been on the thoughts of those long before us.


This is one of our favourite songs, because it has taken such a journey to be what it is today. We used to refer to it as the Frankenstein song. We chopped so many parts up from what it once was. It really is just so different to the folk track that it was before everyone got their hands on it. It was written when we were going through those horrible bushfires. It’s basically a plea for people to wake up and to see the changes that are going on around us. We can’t ignore the severe weather changes and natural disasters that we have been experiencing over the last few years. It’s probably our grooviest track. We love the idea of putting serious lyrical content to something a bit more upbeat.


We liked the idea of having this track last, so that the title of the EP rings out in the minds of those who have listened to it all the way through. We wanted the name of the EP to come from a lyric in one of the songs. And 'Dylan' seemed pretty fitting, cause it was the first song we all wrote together. And it was one of the most magical moments creating it.

Don't Let Me Down is out now in all the usual places. Catch Aunty Blue launching the EP on Thursday November 17th at The Gasometer Hotel with Hannah McKittrick and Ella Sweeney - grab a ticket here.