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Staying In with Elsie Lange
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 8th October, 2020
Up next on Homebodies is musician and writer Elsie Lange. In a normal world, it’d be hard to go a week without bumping into Elsie somewhere - whether that was onstage with garage-pop crew pting or as part of Elizabeth’s mesmerising live band, or as a regular gig-goer, cruising in the crowd at any number of local shows.
With her other musical commitments taking a backseat this year, she released her debut solo EP Talk To Me in August - a collection of woozy folk-pop that pushed her enthralling songwriting ability to the forefront, emanating with charisma and grace and anchored by her playful vocals. While the rest of our lives were getting quieter, she’s also spent this year making headlines (as a journalist), hosting a podcast, and contributing to this very publication.

Here's what else Elsie has been up to lately.

What are you reading?

I’ve struggled so much to read during Covid, which is weird for me. But I have just picked up two new ones, Elena Ferrante’s The Lying Life of Adults, and Sigrid Nunez’s What Are You Going Through. Both by powerful, incisive, brilliant authors who manage to capture all of the graciousness and complexity and hardship and love in the world. They do it with such ease. I can’t wait to curl up in the sun and dive in properly. Have mostly been reading the news though. Constantly.

What are you watching?
I’ve been watching old Youtube videos of live shows; being part nostalgic sad sack, part hopeful fool! My housemate Darcy and I love that clip of Eddy Current upstairs somewhere, sweaty and shredding. It’s so good.
I’ve also watched three great Australian films recently: Balibo, Acute Misfortune and Below. We do grit so well! 

What are you listening to?
I have mostly enjoyed listening to podcasts recently, so The Daily, The Full Story, Home Cooking (recommended by gorgeous Juliette Lalli), 7am, The Kicker, Nice White Parents and Rabbit Hole.

I haven’t listened to a heap of new music, but love M.W’s (Meaghan from House Deposit) new tape, so gorgeous. Also, Emma Swift’s new Bob Dylan covers album is wildly good. Other notable mentions include Elizabeth’s cover of Fleetwood Mac, Leah Senior’s latest album, El Tee’s new album and have been absolutely smashing The Kinks.

Anything happening in the kitchen?

Hell yeh. My favourite place. I have had a gorgeous time cooking in isolation. I keep coming back to baked salmon and leek with lots of yummy salads. I love pies. Made this yummy pumpkin and gorgonzola pie the other day. I’ve made some pizzas, some pasta. Loving seafood pastas of all kinds. Can’t wait to have a big dinner party and feed my friends until they are sick 🙂 

What’s keeping you busy?

I’ve been interning with different news outlets and studying journalism, so that keeps me pretty run off my feet. 

What’s something keeping you inspired?

Just imagining the world when it opens up again, outdoor gig spaces, beers with friends, dinners around the table. I’m inspired by all the venues who’ve had the toughest slog, who’ve kept hope. Seeing some of my favourite venues get those grants gave me hope. I’m inspired by all the community kindness I see every day. I’m so inspired by my mates just making it through, excited to get to the other side of it all. 

Best ways to support the community at the moment?

Buy merch! Buy music! Support all the art this brilliant city has to offer. Also just reach out, support each other. 
Listen to Elsie's debut EP Talk To Me above, and keep up to date by following her below.