HAWAII94 – Visualise

Today we’ve got the pleasure of premiering the new album from Melbourne producer HAWAII94 – fluid, disorientating, yet completely immersive, Visualise is a mesmerising journey through lo-fi pop, dreamy psychedelia and otherworldly chillwave, bathed in an enthralling nostalgic sheen.

Track by Track:
Adam Gibson –
The Songs of Adam Gibson

To celebrate the release of The Songs of Adam Gibson, a new compilation from Coolin’ By Sound that memorialises the work of one of Australia’s finest, yet most under-appreciated songwriters, we had the Sydney wordsmith walk us through the album and reflect on each highlight from his sprawling 20+ year history.

The Slingers – Satin Coffin

Today we’ve got the pleasure of premiering the brand new EP from Melbourne rock ’n’ roll group The Slingers – a sudden gear shift, Satin Coffin has the band heading back to their roots with humble instrumentation and folky charm.

Track by Track:
Bananagun –
The True Story of Bananagun

Akin to a warm hug, Bananagun’s debut album The True Story of Banangun is a record that screams with relaxed mindfulness; a soul-searcher laden with afrobeat precision. A few days on from its release, bandleader Nick Van Bakel has carried us downstream and provided his insights on the album track by track.