Video Premiere:
Double Vanity – Night Moves

The third taste of their forthcoming debut album, cult synth-wave group Double Vanity have returned today with ‘Night Moves’, a track that continues to build on the immersive world the trio are crafting, paired with a new clip that elevates the track’s slowburning grooves and otherworldly atmosphere into something all the more evocative.

Video Premiere:
Eggy – A Toast to Good Health

Alongside the announcement that their sophomore album With Gusto is set to be released through Flightless Records, today we have the pleasure of sharing a first look at ‘A Toast to Good Health’ from avant-pop mavericks Eggy, a dose of their surrealist garage-pop that comes paired with an equally stirring new clip.

HYG – Into The New World

Back with their first new music in two years, Canberra psychedelic rockers HYG have returned with ‘Into The New World’, an adventurous and intoxicating sonic journey that hints at where the four-piece’s burgeoning sound may be headed next.

Tug – To Burn Oneself

Today we’ve got the pleasure of premiering the sophomore album from psychedelic powerhouse Tug – full to the brim with left-of-centre garage-pysch paired with moments of imaginative prog-rock and tender 70s-eqsue balladry, To Burn Oneself is a exhilarating re-immersion into Tug’s shapeshifting sonic world.

Track by Track:
Cayn Borthwick – Big City Remixes

A good six months on from its initial release, we’ve finally had the chance to dig into Cayn Borthwick’s latest release Big City Remixes, as the four guest producers who feature on the EP talk us through the extremes needed to take Cayn’s warped dance-pop to the next level.

A chat with Bellhop

Alongside the release of their brand new single ‘Alone’ today, we caught up with siblings Harry and Bella Watson, the brains behind local fuzz-rock duo Bellhop, to dig into their latest blast of frenetic and noisy punk.