So, what’s it to you?
w/ Kayley Langdon

Rigid yet lucid in groove, Carpet Burn released their debut EP I Can’t Believe It’s Not Carpet Burn in June via Spoilsport Records. We caught up with co-writer and keys player Kayley Langdon to find out about some records that have accompanied her throughout her life.

Video Premiere:
Beans The Band – Delone

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the debut single and video clip from Beans The Band, the hazy new project of Melbourne musician Max Stanley – on ‘Delone’, we’re taken on an enthralling journey through evocative art-folk, paired with an imaginative clip that adds another layer of warped poignancy to the track’s immersive themes.

Gimmy Flowens – Don’t Be Afraid

Twelve months on from the release of her debut single, today we have the pleasure of sharing a sneak peak at Gimmy Flowens’ new track ‘Don’t Be Afraid’, her debut release through Third Eye Stimuli that finds the Northern Rivers artist serving up a gloriously technicolour reimagining of her previous sound.

Track by Track:
Black Bats – Psychic Retreat

Picking up right where their sprawling 2019 self-titled debut left off, Black Bats cruise through all out garage-psych assaults and roaring power chords on their long-awaited sophomore effort Psychic Retreat. To help dig deeper, the Melbourne psych-rockers guide us through the tripped-out soundscapes track by track.

So, what’s it to you?
w/ Billy Gardner

In making an undeniable impact on punk and its weirder sub-genres, Anti Fade could arguably be the most prolific label in Australia. Since starting in 2012, Billy Gardner has seen the likes of ORB, Parsnip, CIVIC, Bananagun, Vintage Crop, Primo!, UV Race, and even more released through his now Melbourne-based label. From the allure of 60’s garage to finding Metallica, Billy filled us in on a few choice cuts from his life.