Track by Track:
Sissysocks – Slink Away

Nine years on from the rippling echoes of his previous album, Melbourne electronic artist Tom Briglia aka Sissysocks opens up another dimension through serene sonic landscapes on his third full-length Slink Away. We had the pleasure of catching up with Sissysocks who let us in on the shaping of the long-awaited new record.

Track by Track:
Redspencer – Dreamworld

Five years on from their colourful debut Perks, Melbourne’s adopted jangle trio Redspencer have returned with Dreamworld, the band’s latest foray into earnest, thoughtful and equally clever guitar-pop. Spanning genre and refreshing catharsis across its 13 tracks, we had Redspencer bandleader David McMillan talk us through the magic and wider themes behind Dreamworld.

Track by Track:
Marcus Whale – The Hunger

Marcus Whale’s The Hunger is a haunting ambient pop odyssey; a touchingly twisted exploration of doomed infatuation and a desperate plea for transformation, all told through the bloody lens of a vampire love story. We caught up with Marcus to get a better understanding of the meaning, inspiration and creation of this uniquely dark album experience.

Track by Track:
Al Matcott – You Can Be Anyone

Al Matcott’s debut EP You Can Be Anyone is an evocative introduction to his brand of alternative folk that covers a lot of ground (both sonically and lyrically) in a short amount of time. It really is a whirlwind of emotions, and to help us make sense of the EP a little more, Al kindly shared the stories behind each song.

Track by Track:
The Beegles – Sly

Following the release of his intriguing second album earlier this month, we got in touch with Ash Briody, the mastermind behind The Beegles, to dig into the stories beneath the mishmash of experimental instrumentals, ambient grooves and imaginative soundscapes that makes up Sly.

Way Shit – Shame

Today we’re thrilled to be premiering Way Shit’s new album Shame, a collection of spirited garage-punk that finds the trio taking aim at oppressive systems through a stirring individual lens. To celebrate the release today, the band have kindly provided us with an extra insight into the album by walking us through it track by track.