Track by Track:
Alex Marko – Tranquility

Alex Marko’s debut release Tranquillity is an exploration of the ambience of nature and space – layered with sounds of gentle waves or bird chirping alongside myriad acoustic and electric guitars, and crafted to bring about a presence of calm and balance.

Tom Riccioni – Rainbow River

On Tom Riccioni’s new single ‘Rainbow River’, the nomadic songwriter captures the essence and sentimentality of a travelling lifestyle, his unique rasp humming with the wisdom of his storytelling nature alongside a wistful backdrop of strings and percussions. Conducted through homely recordings, ‘Rainbow River’ is a gift to the soul.

Feign Jima – Out of Myself

On her debut EP Out of Myself under the newly minted moniker Feign Jima, Melbourne musician Jamie Fanning invites listeners into her enthralling world of serene and soulful psychedelia. From recordings at home, and sessions slipped in between lockdowns, comes three songs of momentary zen-like escapism from the mess 2020 has become.

Kitsch Kitchen – Hills Hoist

Today we’ve got the pleasure of sharing a sneaky listen to the debut single from emerging producer Kitsch Kitchen before it officially drops tomorrow – fluid, immersive and bathed in an enthralling nostalgic sheen, ‘Hills Hoist’ is a kaleidoscopic introduction to the burgeoning project.