Video Premiere:
Cong Josie – Persephone

Following on from the release of ‘Leather Whip’ last year, Cong Josie has once again emerged to serve up another serving of his brand of sleazy new-wave and warped post-punk – on ‘Persephone’, Cong contorts a doo-wop ballad into a soured synth-pop dream, and its accompanying clip adds an extra level of bizarreness to the whole endeavour.

Broke & Enter
The New Fundraiser Mini-Festival

After losing gear, income and irreplaceable recordings during a home invasion and car theft, Melbourne artists Ella Clair and Bailey Judd have created new hope amidst the tribulation, in the form of the mini-festival fundraiser Broke & Enter, featuring a huge line-up of local talent united in the common support of their fellow artists.

98 Camry – April Wind

Back with their third single in four months, 98 Camry have returned today with ‘April Wind’, a stirring alt-folk track that puts the project’s usual jangle-pop charm on hold for something a little more uneasy.