Track by Track:
Mid-Evening – Evening Demos

Under his moniker Mid-Evening, Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Robert Nguyen recently shared his debut EP Evening Demos, a collection of multi-layered ditties, jam-packed with woozy keyboard melodies and velvety rhythms. We caught up with Rob to hear about the process involved in creating each track.

Track by Track:
Jaala – Gap Tooth

One month after the release of Gap Tooth, the sprawling and meditative third full-length from enigmatic Melbourne outfit Jaala, band leader Cosi delves into the album’s change of pace and unravels the arcane soundscapes and oblique lyricism behind each of its tracks.

Sunfruits – Mushroom Kingdom (Candy Remix)

The third and final taste in a winning streak of remixes of their back catalogue, Sunfruits have today teamed up with local songwriter/producer Candy Moore to share a reimagining of ‘Mushroom Kingdom’, a take that transforms the original track’s playful psychedelia into a thumping dancefloor-ready banger.

Trouble Juice do FLOW Festival

As Melbourne begins to reopen, we were lucky enough to head along to FLOW Festival last weekend in Footscray. With a sense of renewal in the air, it was a gloriously relaxed day with excellent vibes and some of the best funk and soul this city has to offer.

Localles – So Wasted

Back with the third taste of their upcoming EP Standing On Thin Air, indie-rock powerhouse Localles have returned with ‘So Wasted’, a track that’s been in their vaults for some time but finally has emerged as a spirited blast of sharp and contagious garage-rock.

Sal Wonder – Tranquility

Out everywhere today, Sal Wonder’s debut album Tranquility is an exuberant journey into the kaleidoscopic musical mind of the Melbourne multi-instrumentalist, loaded top to tail with undeniable grooves, joyous hooks and infectious neo-soul charisma.