Video Premiere:
Long Lunch –
A State of Mind/ Chaos Flutes

Returning with their first new music in 18 months, local avant-pop ensemble Long Lunch are back with ‘A State of Mind/ Chaos Flutes’ today – a mesmerising first taste of their forthcoming debut album, that comes accompanied by a stark isolation clip that makes the track’s languid temperament feel all the more introspective.

Video Premiere:
Swimwear – Happyness

Following the release of ‘Happyness’ from Tim Derricourt’s dream-pop project Swimwear, today we have the pleasure of sharing the new clip for the single – blending disco synths with sprawling dance moves, ‘Happyness’ effortlessly captures the blissful freedom of being alone.

Super-X – Turn To Black

The second cut from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Turn To Black’ could also be Super-X’s mission statement – their full-throttled industrial punk is a sonic slap in the face that engulfs listeners in a murky darkness, leaving us dizzy and disoriented.

A Chat with Goldminds

Powered by a thunderous fusion of pulsating guitars, fierce drumming and arrestingly unapologetic female vocals, Goldminds’ debut album Signals is a force to be reckoned with. Ahead of its release today, we were lucky enough to chat with Goldminds’ frontwoman Courtney Constantinou to dig into the album.

Emma Shields – Mind

Following her debut single released as part of Osborne Again and co’s Stay Inside compilation, Emma Shields is back today with ‘Mind’, another dose of her intoxicating and immersive dream-pop that gives us a secondary glimpse into her evocative sonic world.