Track by Track:
Hope Wilkins – Coffee Cups

On her long-awaited debut EP Coffee Cups, Canberra-based singer-songwriter Hope Wilkins shares a collection of evocative indie-rock, packed with heartfelt musings and wry jabs at toxic exes. Now one week since its release, Hope gave us the inside scoop into what inspired the EP.

A Chat with Goldminds

Powered by a thunderous fusion of pulsating guitars, fierce drumming and arrestingly unapologetic female vocals, Goldminds’ debut album Signals is a force to be reckoned with. Ahead of its release today, we were lucky enough to chat with Goldminds’ frontwoman Courtney Constantinou to dig into the album.

Everything Evolves
A Chat with Velvet Bloom

The neo-soul, alternative rock, jazz pop amalgam that is Velvet Bloom has returned once again with their latest single ‘7hundred25’, a mournful yet reflective track about the changing nature of relationships over time. We had a chat to lead vocalist Maddy Herbert about how the track came to be.

The Crane District – Autumn Eyes

Today we’re delighted to be premiering the new single from The Crane District – a conglomeration of crooning vocalism, soothing percussion and free-flowing instrumentation, ‘Autumn Eyes’ will boost your spirits and have you pendulating back and forth as it worms its way into your brain.