Track by Track:
Bares – Overdue

Earlier today, indie-pop talent Bares dropped her sophomore EP Overdue, a stripped-back record brimming with heartfelt admissions and gentle folk-pop flourishes, and to celebrate its release, we asked Ella Sterland, the mind behind Bares, to invite us inside the world of her most personal record yet and take us through it track by track.

Trace Decay – Photobooth

Today we have the pleasure of premiering indie-pop rock duo Trace Decay’s new single ‘Photobooth’ before its official release tomorrow, and it’s a heart stirring, ethereal experience to listen to. In celebration of this fan-favourite track, we had a chat to the band about the life and times of Trace Decay.

Our Two Skins
A Chat with Gordi

Gordi has just released her sophomore record Our Two Skins, a shedding of armour in an exposed examination of identity, purpose and love. We had the pleasure of speaking to Gordi about the record, her past several years as a musician, and her words of wisdom for emerging artists.