Noughts – Skew

After six months of bursting eardrums around Melbourne, local post-punk trio Noughts have dropped their debut single, a mesmerising blast of visceral noise rock called ‘Skew’.

Track by Track:
Hot Sludge Fundae – Put It On

Funk-rock powerhouse Hot Sludge Fundae’s debut album ‘Put It On’ is an explosive collection of groovy rock n roll, packed with catchy choruses, ripper solos and powerful vocals. We caught up with lead singer Dougal Shaw to get the lowdown on what goes on across the album.

Track by Track:
The Finks – Rolly Nice

Full with sincerity and nostalgic charm, The Fink’s latest album Rolly Nice proves Oliver Mestitz to be a master of the art of intimacy. We spoke with Oliver to get some insight into what goes on across the album’s eleven tracks.

Track by Track:
Wilderglow – My Days

Wilderglow’s debut EP My Days is a collection of dazzling indie rock reminiscent of a band with twice their experience. Ahead of their album launch this weekend, we spoke with singer/guitarist Matthew Scully to get an insight into each of the EP’s tracks.