Video Premiere:
Scurvylicious – Wiser

Alt-country turned rock ’n’ roll locals Scurvylicious have kicked things up a notch with their latest single ‘Wiser’ – a dreamy pre-summer anthem guaranteed to send you into a head nodding, foot tapping trance before you even clock what’s happening.

Track by Track:
Immigrant Union –

Judas, the new album from Melbourne long-timers Immigrant Union is a rollercoastering collection of folk infused psychedelia that certainly won’t betray your high expectations of the band. Songwriter/singer duo Bob Harrow and Brent DeBoer have dropped by to take you through each of the album’s eleven tracks.

Track by Track:
Dr. Chicken Gristle –
Experimental Pornography

Following the reissue of his album Experimental Pornography last month via Stargazed Records, experimental-pop weirdo Dr. Chicken Gristle is taking to the internet this weekend to celebrate with a special livestream performance. Ahead of tomorrow’s proceedings, we got in touch with the Doc to dig into each track on his bizarre debut album.

Elsie Lange – Adelaide

After years playing in other projects, local guitar-pop heroine Elsie Lange has finally turned the focus onto her own music, and today we’ve been treated to a first taste of her forthcoming EP with the gloriously wistful ‘Adelaide’.